901 Performs Series

901 Performs Series

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901 Performs Series

Wolfchase Galleria has an exciting opportunity for school, community groups and amateur performers to showcase and share their talents with Center guests through 901 Performs Series. This program runs all year long and is available Monday-Sunday between 11AM-7PM.

All performances take place in the Lower Level, Center Court, unless otherwise noted. Due to space and other limitations, we are unable to accommodate all performance groups. Please read the following information carefully to see if your group qualifies for 901 Performs in the Mall.


  • Instrumental, vocal, dance or theatre performance groups are welcome. 
  • Your performance may not include religious and/or political music. Holiday music is exempt.
  • Amateur performers must submit 2-3 video samples prior to approval.
  • All other groups must be affiliated with a school or community organization.
  • Maximum group size for bands or orchestras: 30
  • Maximum group size for choirs: 50
  • Performers must bring all necessary equipment for their performance.
    • Wolfchase Galleria may provide a stage, sound system and one microphone (if needed).
    • Wolfchase Galleria is unable to pay performers.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please contact Marichu Ricablanca, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Marichu.Ricablanca@simon.com, at least 4 weeks prior to your requested performance date. You will be required to fill out a Common Area Application Form requesting the date(s), time(s) and any pertinent information regarding your performance. You will not be confirmed until your application has been approved. If there are minors participating, we will require a parent/guardian to fill out a General Release Agreement, which can be delivered to the Mall Management Office on the day of the performance (or e-mailed/mailed in advance).

We encourage you to be as flexible as possible when submitting your wish dates and to be mindful that some performance times may become unavailable due to other Wolfchase Galleria events that are scheduled throughout the year.



(901) 381-2769


Monday to Friday 8:30AM–5PM  |  
Saturday 10AM–6PM  |  
Sunday 12PM–6PM  |  


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