Monday Magic: the Gathering Commander League

Monday Magic: the Gathering Commander League

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Commander Planeswalkers!

Join us for some multiplayer fun on Theros! This is a Monthly League, every Monday Players can earn points and at the end of the Month players will be paid out Prizes based on the number of points they earn. Players pay a $5 Entry Fee each night to enter our Commander Constructed League with a deck they have made. Players are then matched up randomly in Pods of 3-5 Players and are each given a sheet to track their points as well as their Pod Mates points. After their Pod finishes players turn in their sheets and at the end of each month they can collect their Prizes! We also raffle off one Theros Beyond Death Promo Pack each week; you could be the lucky one to get an All Foil Pack! Players usually show up early and stay after to play more games as well. Come on out and enjoy a fun and friendly environment!

Entry Fee: $5
Registration Starts: 5:00 PM
Gameplay Starts: 6:00 PM
Format: Commander Constructed (1 Pod)
Tournament Structure: 1 Pod Per Night of 3-5 Players based on attendance.
Minimum Players to Launch the Tournament: 3
Prize support: Monthly Pod awarding prizes based on points at the end of each Month.



(727) 302-9688


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