Smoothie King

  • Ice-cream/Frozen Yogurt/Smoothies

Ice-cream/Frozen Yogurt/Smoothies

Once upon a time, there was no Smoothie…


It was the late 1960’s. Trying to remedy his allergies and low blood sugar, Steve Kuhnau began experimenting with mixing real fruit, nutrients and proteins in a blender at home. A little of this, a little  Steve Kuhnau’s Smoothie King store in the ’80s of that, and soon enough, his concoctions began to have a huge impact on his health. And that’s how he came to create the original nutritional smoothie. In 1973 Steve opened a health food store, selling vitamins along with his healthful drinks, and Smoothie King was born.

That was just the beginning. Since then Smoothie King has grown to include over 600 locations operating in the continental US and Seoul, Korea. What makes it so successful? A genuine commitment to helping people live healthier lives through nutrition. It’s been more than 30 years since Steve, our founder, invented the nutritious and delicious drink now known as a Smoothie. In that time, Smoothie King has expanded its reign to include a wide selection of healthy snacks and high quality nutritional products. They’re not just good. They’re good for you.


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