Pac-Man Zone Coming Soon to Town Center at Cobb!

Pac-Man Zone Coming Soon to Town Center at Cobb!

Town Center at Cobb

Located in a 4,800 square-foot space on the Upper Level next to JCPenney, Pac-Man Zone is an arcade built to accommodate over 50 engaging games for people of all ages. The creators of the legendary video game character Pac-Man have designed a place that provides entertainment and encourages everyone to play together again.

Pac-Man Zone has something everyone in the family will love, from iconic games to digital delights to a fantastic party area. This new additon to Town Center at Cobb will bring an added social dimension - where every moment is shared, every experience is social and everyone is in the game.  

Pac-Man Zone is set to open this Spring!


This store is expected to open as of 5/1/2020


Mall Entrance between Sears & JCPenney

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