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Treat Yourself Thursday

Call in the babysitter… play hooky from work… Just put yourself first for a change.

Start The Fun Today!

Get a shape up! Visit Face by India for the best eyebrow service in town. They also offers eyelash extension so you can skip your morning mascara routine. Call the salon for any questions, 765-448-7860.

Face By India

Sit down and back and relax, this meal will not be interrupted by children nor a meeting request. Enjoy their fresh salads, sandwiches and soups while you relish this moment.

Panera Bread

It wouldn't be a day of treating yourself without a literal treat and we can't think of one more gooey, delicious and satisfying than a Cinnabon.


Enjoy a manicure and pedicure!

The Worlds Nail Spa

New Hair, Don’t Care: Visit JCP Salon or Master Cuts to get your haircut, colored, texturized and styled. Call the salons to schedule an appointment today, JCPenney Salon at 765-447-3161 and Mater Cuts at 765-447-4444.

JCPenney Salon


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