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Art Features

Art Features

The Shops at Crystals

In addition to various art installations, shoppers also have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy multiple water features and attractions found within The Shops at Crystals.

Another of The Shops at Crystals' wonderful water features, Halo offers a visual display of multiple water vortexes’ within clear cylinders protruding through the floor. Set at different heights, the swirling whirlpools are accented by an array of colorful lights and welcome guests to walk through and touch this maze while staying completely dry.

This first-of-its-kind installation consists of large pillars of carved ice that rise as tall as 15 feet in Crystals’ unique public space. These columns emerge silently from a pristine pool, ascending rapidly upward as immense monoliths of frozen water. As each ice monument rises, it is carved at water level into intricate, three-dimensional patterns. Colored lighting combines with the varied ice clarities to produce a visual experience that never repeats itself.

The Grand Staircase
The focal point of The Shops at Crystals' signature space is the Grand Staircase, inspired by Rome’s Spanish Steps.  Ascending 24 feet from level 1 through Starbucks, popular photo destination consists of three separate staircases, all dressed with eco-friendly bamboo and red Sapele wood adorned with pink agate collected from all around the World that is backlit for maximum visual effect.

The Treehouse
At the awe-inspiring heart of The Shops at Crystals this one-of-a-kind feature stands three stories in height and is visible from almost every location within the center. The "roots" of the tree makeup the Crystals Concierge desk, where an expert staff serves as fashion consultants, personal shoppers and more. The upper level of the Treehouse provides an elegant portal of wood-lined lowered ceilings and meandering walls offering a unique space for Mastro’s Ocean Club’s main dining room.

EVENT DATES NOV 6, 2019–JUN 16, 2030

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