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Painting Demonstration with Diana Stelin

Painting Demonstration with Diana Stelin

AZ Fine Art Gallery The Shops at Chestnut Hill

Join us Sunday, June 13 2-4PM outside AZ Gallery as Diana Stelin demonstrates her painting techniques while answering questions as she finishes a seascape piece.

Read on for a note from artist, Diana Stelin on the event:

"Seascapes: Sprinkles of Sun over the Water About this event My most primal desire is to be a positive role model for my kids, someone who can show them the beauty of balance in life, the joy of living it, the alignment with their passions. This is why we take so many trips, spend so much time outdoors.

And over the years I've noticed that the most immediate sense of calm sweeps over me when I see the water. I still recall my very first trip to the Black sea, as a little girl, that original exhilaration of watching the sun sprinkle over the waves.

I get this same feeling every time I return to the water and it is that sense of awe that I wanted to capture with my series of 'Seascapes' and the upcoming exhibit.

I'd love for you to join me as I demonstrate performance art style the last leg of finishing a seascape piece at AZ Fine Art. It'll involve my unique method of gold leaf and paper additions, painted over with oil and wax."



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