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Daddy Daughter Day

Ready to let loose, treat yourselves, get pampered & laugh out loud? This day will bring you two closer together.

Start The Fun Today!

One-stop shop to make, personalize and take home a new furry friend to commemorate the day. Like Narwhal the unicorn of the sea! This cuddly sea creature is ready to swim into your hearts!

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Only a Blizzard from DQ can make this day any more perfect. Cheers to all the fun!

Dairy Queen / Orange Julius

Java for you, juice for her! You can't go wrong starting the day off on a quiet, sweet moment sharing likes and dislikes.

Dunkin' Donuts

Have your daughter pick out new shoes for you. Then return the favor by watching her put on a shoe fashion show down the aisles. You're guaranteed to make quite the pair!

Famous Footwear

Let your daughter run loose in our Play Area. It's a great way to let off some energy before hitting the shops!

Play Area

Ready for lunch? Go cheesy and slice into a pie together.


You can't leave the mall with out a few new outfits! The Children’s Place has so many great options for every style, size and budget.

The Children's Place


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