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Family Fun Day

Need a fun break? Here are plenty of ways to get your family to spend time together while laughing out loud.

Start The Fun Today!

Kick your day off with some shopping for the kids at The Children’s Place, with great options for every style, size and budget.

Children's Place, The

How about treating mom to something special? Visit the Pandora store where Mom can add a chic piece to her collection. Whether it is a “family” charm for her bracelet or a Loving Hearts of PANDORA necklace, it is sure to be cherished.


Grab some lunch at Red Robin where they serve up wholesome, fun, feel-good experiences in a kid- and family-friendly environment. Plus, the bottomless fries are a huge hit!

Red Robin

Cooking together as a Family can be fun when there's no clean up! Take advantage of the wonderful classes Williams-Sonoma has to offer like the Junior Chef Technique Class and InstaPot technique classes! Call 603-890-3506 for details.


End your day by trying out some giant pillows! Don't forget to check out their stuffed animals and lap desks, too. You have to try out Yogibo, to believe just how much fun and comfortable their pieces are! Kids are big fans.



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