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Dr. David J. Feenstra, O.D. has been working in the Orlando area for over 16 years. He is a Florida Licensed and Board Certified Optometrist who can perform comprehensive eye exams, fit contact lenses and treat injury or disease of the eye. He is recognized as an expert in fitting contact lenses and has successfully fit patients who had problems in the past in receiving the proper fit, comfort or visual clarity with contact lenses. Other Optical Stores in the Mall refer their customers to Dr. Feenstra for their eye exams because of his warm, inviting personality and the quality level of service he provides. Dr. Feenstra will walk you through each step of the examination process, and explain each procedure as you go. He uses state of the art equipment and the latest in technology to help you experience a pain free,  and worry free eye exam.   Stop in today to get your eyes examined! Walk-ins are welcome. You can also schedule an appointment on line at:   Hours are subject to change. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Closed most major holidays  


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12/08/2019: 11AM–8PM (Holiday Hours)
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