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The latest in tech, gadgets and accessories call this store home. But there's more: the Apple store offers classes for kids to learn more about technology and hone their computer skills through music and movie making. Call 305-234-4565 to learn about upcoming classes and events.


The sweet donut-like treats at Churromania, are a grab-and-go favorite. You're going to love all the dipping possibilities.


Check out the trendiest styles for the entire family at Gap. Try on some new outfits, and create your own personal fashion show.


Start the day, take a break, or make it to go at Starbucks with coffee, tea, and a tasty selection of food items.

Starbucks Coffee

The Slime Factory is a witty 4,000 sq. ft. lab run by green-haired mad scientists, where slime lovers can immerse themselves in a sensory experience. Using a wide variety of Maddie Rae's Slime Glue products, aspiring slimers will have a blast inventing gooey gooey creations with famous recipes and products from the slime celebrity Maddie Rae.

The Slime Factory


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