Alteration Destination

Alteration Destination

Nordstrom Tacoma Mall

The key to a great look is the perfect fit. That's why we at Nordstrom are more committed than ever to being the go-to destination for all your alterations and tailoring needs (on pieces just purchased or already in your closet). From everyday denim, suits and coats to skirts and wedding dresses, we do it all—thanks to our team of professional tailors and alterations experts, the largest in the nation.

Our goal is to give you the perfect fit—and to make the process convenient with:

• Online appointment booking
• One-hour hems and express services (at additional cost)
• Updates and repairs to your own pieces—no matter where you bought them
• Walk-in services
• Monogramming and personalization

Contact Nordstrom at 253-475-3630 for more information!

EVENT DATES JAN 1, 2019–APR 30, 2021


(253) 475-3630


Outside entrances near west end of mall

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