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Mother/Daughter Day Out

Girls just want to have fun! Come to the Tacoma Mall for a day that’s all about treating yourself.

Start The Fun Today!

If you’ve been feeling stressed lately, Bath & Body Works aromatherapy candles would be perfect to help you relax. Candles aren’t your thing? Try some of their body lotions or a face sheet mask instead.

Bath & Body Works

The day wouldn’t be complete without one of Lush's bath bombs. Selecting the perfect bath bomb can sometimes be a little overwhelming. We recommend the Twilight bath bomb. It’s made with lavender oil which will leave your mind and body feeling relaxed and at ease.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Nothing says treat yourself like a day at Gene Juarez Salon & Spa. You can spend the day getting your hair done. Be adventurous and try out that hairstyle you’ve always wanted then finish with a manicure!

Gene Juarez Salon & Spa

You can’t go wrong with the original pretzel but we also recommend the cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. Don’t forget the dipping sauce – it’s the best part!

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Indulge in a sweet treat! This store is a chocolate lover’s paradise! They have a variety of different chocolates, toffees, and brittles to choose from. Whatever you choose will not disappoint.

See's Candies


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