• Baja Fresh

  • EAT WELL. LIVE FRESH® Real food made with passion, for real people. In August 1990, Baja Fresh® Mexican Grill opened its first restaurant featuring all-fresh, traditional fire-grilled Mexican favorites. Like many who...

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  • Buckhorn Grill

  • A quick service restaurant that provides very high quality Char-roasted Tri-Tip, Salmon, Chicken and Entrée Salads. Our Tri-Tip has won many awards and constantly amazes our customers who don’t want to give up quality...

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  • La Boulangerie

  • Visit the newest bakery at Stoneridge Shopping Center. Filled with the most delicate pastries, desserts, sandwiches and coffee. You will be able to find delicious breakfast goods and lunch items. Their wide range of food...

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  • McDonald's

  • Home of the Big Mac! Get your taste buds satisfied with a Quarter-pounder, Big Mac, McChicken, Fish, Hamburger or Cheeseburger sandwich. Do you want fries with that? McDonald's serves their French Fries up hot and fast...

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  • Panda Express

  • All Panda Chefs are famous for wokking up delicious creations with fresh meats and vegetables in the Panda kitchen. Some dishes you’ll recognize as Chinese traditions, like Kung Pao with a kick, savory Beef and Broccoli...

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  • Subway

  • The SUBWAY restaurant chain is the undisputed leader in the submarine sandwich category serving fresh, great tasting, made-for-you sandwiches and salads, many of which have 6 grams of fat or less. Offering a healthful...

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