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Self-Care Day

For those days when you need a little TLC for the mind, body, and soul!

Start The Fun Today!

Ready for a free stress relieving treatment from Aveda? Aveda's expertise and essential oils will calm you and rejuvenate a healthy mindset.


Stop by Diva Nails and treat yourself to a mani + pedi. You'll start your day feeling polished, relaxed, and ready for more #selfcare to come.

Diva Nail Spa

Face time! Stop by Origins for a free facial. Origin's top of the line products will make your skin glow and their well-educated staff will give you tips and tricks for staying fresh faced all year long!


Treat yourself and that grumbling stomach! Vitality bowls offers a variety of healthy and delicious items that will make you feel good on the inside and give you the energy you need to take your day of relaxation a step further.

Vitality Bowls


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