Mall Walkers Club *Temporarily Suspended

Mall Walkers Club *Temporarily Suspended

Smith Haven Mall

If you’ve been talking about or planning an exercise program, now is the time to take the first step! Walking is a low-impact, low-risk and easy aerobic exercise that conditions your heart and lungs while engaging your whole body. And Stony Brook Medicine’s Mall Walkers Club at the Smith Haven Mall offers the perfect weatherproof environment for walking — with a safe climate-controlled temperature, good lighting, a clean flat surface to walk on, convenient rest rooms and of course, lots of great stores to window shop.

Walk Before the Mall Opens or During Mall Hours Do you like to walk early in the morning, before shoppers arrive? Or do you prefer walking alongside shoppers during the day or evening? The choice is yours. Mall walking hours are: Monday-Saturday 8am to 9:30pm and Sundays 11am to 6pm.

Mall Walker Monthly Meeting Schedule, the Mall Walkers Club meets eight times a year in the Food Court at Smith Haven Mall. Members receive a complimentary snack and blood pressure screening starting at 8am, and hear an informative lecture at 9am.

Wednesday, January 29th

Wednesday, February 26th (Topic: drug and alcohol use/abuse in seniors)

Wednesday, March 25th CANCELLED

Wednesday, April 29th CANCELLED

Wednesday, May 27th

Wednesday, September 30th

Wednesday, October 28th

Wednesday, November 25th

To keep your walking plans moving along, just fill out the application online at We look forward to having you join us!


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