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Wolverine BEST ’bots headed to Ross Park Mall

Wolverine BEST ’bots headed to Ross Park Mall

Ross Park Mall

Student robot-builders competing next month at Grove City College’s Wolverine BEST presented by Elliott Group will demonstrate their prototypes Saturday at Ross Park Mall.

Student teams will break out their ’bots from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in center court and test out their skills maneuvering the creations. It’s a test run of sorts for the competition next month at the College, where teams of middle- and high-school students from 22 regional public, parochial, private and homeschool cooperatives face off at Wolverine BEST

They’ll be working within the same game field and on the same tasks that they’ll face in the real competition, which is held Oct. 13 and 14 on the campus of Grove City College, which serves as a regional hub for the national BEST Robotics competition. 

“Mall Day is a great experience for the students because it forces them to accelerate development of their robot and it shows both the brilliance and flaws of their initial design ideas. It really starts to focus their efforts on what actually works vs. what they hope may work,” Dr. Mike Bright, chair of the College’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and BEST Robotics board member, said. 

It also provides an opportunity to draw some attention to the competition and its larger goal of inspiring the next generation scientists and engineers.

Grove City College is one of just two BEST hubs in the state and the annual contest draws teams of students from all over western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Teams are supplied with materials to build robots and instructions for a game that will test their skills of design, engineering, construction, leadership and teamwork. 

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