Retailer & restaurant hours may vary from center hours. Call each store directly for more information.
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Day of Gaming

Got a competitive family that loves all things digital? A day of gaming fun will bring out the best in all of you.

Start The Fun Today!

Break for breakfast. Their healthy and fresh selection of favorites—from baked goods and sandwiches to beverages—are a delicious start to the day.

Panera Bread

Salty or sweet? Go for one of each at this pretzel kiosk and share the goodies amongst yourselves.

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Get into character with all the cool graphic tees at this pop-culture shop. It's a big favorite with tweens and teens (and sci-fi adult fans, too).

Hot Topic

The classic burger and fries can't be beat when it comes to dinner. Head over to this American joint and dig in to some fast comfort food.

Five Guys

No day out is complete without some dessert. Treat the gang to some Blizzards!

Dairy Queen / Orange Julius

The latest in tech, gadgets and accessories call this store home. But there's more: the Apple store offers classes for kids to learn more about technology and hone their computer skills through music and movie making. Call 412-318-0656 to learn about upcoming classes and events.



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