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Spoil Your Superhero at Roosevelt Field

Let us aid you in your quest to bring a smile to the mini superhero in your life.

Start The Fun Today!

Start a powerful partnership with a choice of Superman™, The Flash™ or one of the Power Rangers™ bears. Let your kid dress it up in their favorite cape and mask and begin saving the world together as an unstoppable duo.

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Get them into character! With costumes featuring some of their favorite Marvel superheroes such as Spiderman, Black Panther and Captain America, and all powerful princesses, this store is a must shop!

Disney Store, The

With new creative building scenarios each month, there are a million ways for your crimestopper to play and create their own superhero world. Their knowledgeable brick specialists will help you find the ideal set matched to his or her own special super power.

LEGO Store

Keep their power on full with a lunch break. Enjoy a classic grilled cheese sandwich with loaded tots along with super dipping sauces and they'll be ready to take on the world again!

Melt Shop

Their vast selection of comic books, collectible toys and plush characters will bring on the power! Be prepared to spend plenty of time browsing.

Newbury Comics


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