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Downtown Dance Academy

Downtown Dance Academy is based on the belief that children’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire staff is committed to making every child feel -and be – safe, secure, comfortable, and cared-for in a environment designed to be educational and fun! Being a good dancer and being a good teacher are two separate qualities; your child needs both! Few other activities rival dance. Fitness, self-esteem, the joy of movement, and a lifelong love of dance. Downtown Dance Academy has been providing dance classes in Ocean County to both children and adults for over twelve years.


12/05/2021: 10AM - 7PM (Holiday Hours)
12/06/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/07/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/08/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/09/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/10/2021: 10AM - 10PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/11/2021: 10AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/12/2021: 10AM - 8PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/13/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/14/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/15/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/16/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/17/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/18/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Shopping)


Monday to Wednesday 11AM - 8PM  |  
Thursday to Saturday 10AM - 9:30PM  |  
Sunday 11AM - 6PM  |  


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