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Build A Party at Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear is an a amazing way to celebrate your child's birthday.

Start The Fun Today!

The birthday boy or girl gets to select their theme for their party. They can choose from princesses, heroes, sports or so much more! Design a party online for your little one at today.

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

With a variety of party themes and sparkles galore, Claire's is the perfect place to throw a party for the birthday girl and her girlfriends. Call 732-473-0063 to book today!

Claire's Boutique

Bring your party pals to Dough Life located in the Boscov's Wing! You can choose from many different dough flavors that will certainly make you celebrate! Some of their most popular flavors include cake batter, cookie dough and red velvet.

Dough Life


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