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Chick-fil-A Newport Centre Curbside Delivery

Newport Centre

Chick-fil-A at Newport Centre is making your order experience even more convenient by offering Curbside Delivery. We will bring your meal to you when you order through our CFA One App. 

When you place your order through our CFA One App and choose the Curbside Delivery option, we will hand deliver your meal to you. You will not have to leave your car or come inside the mall to get your food. We have designated parking spots on Mall Drive West. 

Check out the informational videos on the location to park and how to order via our social media pages: @cfajerseycity and Newport Centre's Instagram page: newportctr

Download our CFA One App today.


Do not exit the vehicle. All tows are at owner's expense. 



(201) 459-1100


11/27/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
11/28/2021: 11AM - 7PM (Holiday Hours)
11/29/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
11/30/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/01/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/02/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/03/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/04/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/05/2021: 11AM - 7PM (Holiday Hours)
12/06/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/07/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/08/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/09/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/10/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/11/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)


Monday to Saturday 9AM - 9PM  |  
Sunday Closed  |  


West Parking Garage Entrance on level 2 by EXPRESS

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