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Dining at Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets

American | $ | View Location of Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a place where they can escape today's complicated world and experience the food, fun and friendliness reminiscent of feel-good Americana. Level 3 Food Court next to Subway

Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at Melt Shop

Melt Shop

Restaurants (order at the counter) | $$ | View Location of Melt Shop

Melt Shop chooses to play in the kitchen - producing an artisanal, yet unpretentious, match of ingredients between perfected, crispy, golden bread. Next level stuff, made from only the best ingredients. Dining Pavilion

Serves Lunch, Dinner & Desserts

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Dining at Obox Sushi

Obox Sushi

Asian Fusion | $ | View Location of Obox Sushi

Caliber Sushi and healthy meal go hand in hand with a health-conscious lifestyle. OBOX meets the demands of the fast-paced world by offering its customers an assortment of mouthwatering sushi and rolls that are made fresh every minute from quality ingredients. Dining Pavillion

Serves Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at Panera Bread

Panera Bread

Sandwiches | $ | View Location of Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of freshly made sandwiches on your choice of bread, accompanied by soup or salad. Panera also sells fresh pastries, bagels and loaves of bread. Located on level 1 next to Lenscrafters

Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at Poke n' Ramen 360

Poke n' Ramen 360

Asian Fusion | $ | View Location of Poke n' Ramen 360

Poke n’ Ramen 360 serves its own interpretation of the Hawaiian Poke and the Japanese Ramen. Customers have the option of either choosing from the delicious pre-curated menu or they can be adventurous by customizing their own Poke or Ramen. Dining Pavilion

Serves Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger

Organic | $$ | View Location of Pret A Manger

Pret offers handmade natural food and organic coffee options including freshly made sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, organic coffee & drinks, cookies, croissants and more. Second Level next to Verizon Wireless

Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

Coffee / Tea Café | $$ | View Location of Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks purchases and roasts high-quality whole bean coffees and sells them along with fresh, rich-brewed, Italian style espresso beverages, a variety of pastries and confections, and coffee-related accessories and equipment. First Level next to Michael Kors

Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

American | $$ | View Location of The Cheesecake Factory

Exciting and high energy, this stylish restaurant offers so much more than its name implies- although you will still find more than 40 kinds of cheesecake. The extensive and creative menu features more than 200 items. Level 1 between Macy's and Kohls

Serves Lunch & Dinner

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Dining at Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

American | $$ | View Location of Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

Few things in life are better than a tasty milkshake and a great Certified Angus burger. Zinburger perfects both every day. Located on the first floor across from Cheesecake Factory

Serves Lunch & Dinner

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