Sweeden Sweets

Sweeden Sweets specializes in home-made chocolate, fudge and candy. An extension of its Superior, WI location, Sweeden Sweets at Miller Hill Mall will specialize in flavored popcorn and fresh cookies, while offering limited selections of its famous chocolate, fudge and candy.


Monday to Saturday 10AM–9PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–6PM  |  


12/16/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/17/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/18/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/19/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/20/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/21/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/22/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/23/2018: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/24/2018: 10AM–6PM (Christmas Eve)
12/25/2018: Closed (Christmas Day)