Created from the heart and for the heart, the TOUS Bear has filled jewelry boxes with magic since 1985. After more than 25 years of history, it has become the symbol of the brand name and has delighted all kinds of people. Today, it has become one of the 100 most characteristic icons of Spanish design. With a rounded shape and a highly emotional spirit, it was created to bring back those sweet memories of our childhood:
"Who has not hugged and clung tightly to a teddy bear when they were young?" The TOUS bear has become a special icon for many generations, a symbol of the joy associated with the most important moments in a person's life, as Rosa Tous, the Company's co-founder, explains: "During one of my trips,  I saw a teddy bear in a shop-window and I thought how wonderful it would be to turn it into a piece of jewelry.
The teddy bear brings back warm memories to everyone and it associates the style of our Company with a charming, magical and totally chic piece of jewelry. Jewelry is linked to key dates in a person's life, very special moments, and our goal is to create the perfect combination of these memories with the joy and excitement of giving a gift to a loved one."


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