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Windsor Fashion is hiring.

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Windsor Fashion is hiring for multiple positions. 

If you are a passionate individual and you think you have what it takes to keep our legacy going, apply below to join our Windsor family. 

We're always looking for talented and dynamic individuals to be part of our world. Whether you're just getting started in your career or looking to shift gears and make a change, we offer competitive salaries with generous benefits. In our mission to create an Oasis for Women, we've established a positive, diverse and inclusive workforce with a unique company culture that thrives on building a community of excellence. It's a place employees feel ready to be their best selves in a creative and fulfilling environment where each day brings new and exciting challenges driving our growth.



12/03/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/04/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/05/2021: 11AM - 7PM (Holiday Hours)
12/06/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/07/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/08/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/09/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/10/2021: 10AM - 9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/11/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/12/2021: 10AM - 8PM (Holiday Hours)
12/13/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/14/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/15/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/16/2021: 9AM - 10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/17/2021: 9AM - 11PM (Holiday Hours)


Monday to Thursday 11AM - 8PM  |  
Friday to Saturday 10AM - 9PM  |  
Sunday 11AM - 7PM  |  

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