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Schools Out: Livingston Mall is In

Keep the troops entertained over three-day weekends, holiday breaks and summer vacations right here, locally.

Start The Fun Today!

While the kids are excited, let the kiddos gather up some bedtime favorites at Barnes & Noble. Find your next beachside—poolside tale while they choose.

Barnes & Noble

MC a fun fashion show for your kids in the dressing room at GAP! They'll have so much fun they won't notice you're stocking up on weather essentials they need.


Once the littles are tired out, they'll be ready to sit for a haircut. With the expert staff at Kids Kuts handling all the details, the hardest part will be choosing their race car chair!

Kidz Kuts

After all that sitting, your kiddos have cooped up energy and need to burn off some steam. Why not in the Play Area? Featuring rocketships and a huge playhouse with a slide, they'll have the time of their lives while you relax in an oh-so-comfortable lounge chair.

Play Area


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