In 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened for business in Anaheim, CA. While Vans was stitching together its first canvas kicks, kids across Southern California were discovering board sports culture, in the waves and on the boardwalks. Skateboarders flocked to Vans' sticky waffle grip, making our shoes a global phenomenon. Over the past 45-plus years, Vans has evolved beyond just surf and skate to draw influence from Southern California youth culture as diverse as it is progressive. Incorporating elements from art, music and street culture, with deep roots in our action sports heritage, Vans today offers a full range of footwear, timeless apparel and accessories around the world. Vans is sold in more than 170 countries globally, fueling a multi-billion dollar business from Ventura to Vietnam, from San Diego to Stockholm, from Los Angeles to Lima.