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Father-Son Fun Day

Watch out world, it's a day for the boys!

Start The Fun Today!

Once you've dusted off those skills at Microsoft, it's time to take the Sphero Maze Challenge at Apple! You got this.


Cookies & Cream? Snickers? Decide on the flavor and toppings, then watch your treat be made, right before your eyes.

Cold Stone Creamery

To keep the good times rolling, pick out a video or VR game to enjoy together at home. With games available for all consoles, GameStop has everything you'll need.


With Disney, DC Comics, and Harry Potter LEGO sets available for purchase or play, you won't want to leave until you've debated the merits of each set.

LEGO Store

Code a talking robot, then make your own 3D movie for super cool father-son memories in the making.

Microsoft Store

Grab a surprise for mom on your way home. A charm for her PANDORA bracelet, perhaps?

Pandora King of Prussia - The Court

Bond over dad's favorite vinyl and grab a vintage poster or two for the den.

The Rock Shop

Channel your favorite superhero when you play with (or purchase) licensed Marvel, Star Trek, Captain America, or Star Trek products at Uncanny!



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