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Keep Indian River Beautiful

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Keep Indian River Beautiful is open today from 1pm to 5pm.


near Macy's

  • Need Odds and Ends Come on in. To our Reuse Exchange Center Don't throw Reusable items away, Donate to KIRB today   Members please remember our Reuse Center is located at the Indian River Mall west of   We thank you and hope to see you soon.     Odds & Ends Bowling, Golf, & Tennis Balls, Beer Caps, Bicycle inner tubes but No Tires, Board games, puzzles & playing cards-missing pieces okay, Cigar boxes, Clothespins, Corks, Costume jewelry, Film reels, Golf Tees, Holiday decorations, Leather or canvas belts & hardware, Marbles, Metal coffee containers, National Geographic magazines, Mirrors, Neckties, Pantyhose, Picture frames, Paintings, Packing peanuts, Reading or Sunglasses, Seat belts & hardware, Postmarked postage stamps, Unused chop sticks, Vintage toys & building blocks, Vinyl records, Wind chimes, Wine/Wood crates, World globes, etc...   Craft Items & Tools     Candles/Wicks/Wax, Cookie cutters, Gift bags, Feathers, Foam blocks, Foam core board, Graph paper, Greeting cards, Mat board, Pipe cleaners, Pompoms, Ribbon, Silk flowers, Stencils, Trays/Tins, Wallpaper & sample books, Wicker baskets, Wine Corks, etc...   Art Supplies     Canvas, Colored pencils, Dowels, Fabric dyes, Glazes & varnish, Graphite/drafting material, Paint brushes, Pens, Markers, Chalk, Pastels, etc...   Paper & Office Supplies     3 Ring binders, folders, Books, Cd's, Cassette tapes & cases, Calendars old & new, Cardboard tubes, Clocks, Colored/ Origami/Scrapbook/Computer paper, Cork/Chalk/Dry erase boards, Cover socks, File dividers, Drawing or painting paper, Gift wrap, Bows, Maps/Atlas, Paper pads, Postcards, Stationary, Stickers, etc...   Fabrics & Sewing     Beads, Burlap, Buttons/Zippers, Batting/Fiberfill/Cotton, Canvas, Denim, Elastic, Fabric felt, Knitting needles, Yarn, Lace, Ribbon, Trim, Leather, Needles, Push pins, Pincushions, Needlepoint cnavas, Cross stitch, Puffy paint, Sequins, Glitter, Sewing patterns, Thread, Quilting squares, etc...   Freebie Corner Supplies     Binders, Folders, Cards fronts, Dogie poo bags, Educational materials, Egg cartons, File Folders, Oatmeal Containers, Outdated calendars, Bubble wrap, Paper, towel rolls (No Toilet Paper Rolls), Shoe boxes, Stickers, Tissue Boxes

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