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Nerd Out

Unleash your inner nerd with a trip around Firewheel Town Center.

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Get anything an anime fan would need at Anime Armory! From cosplay to collectibles they have it all.

Anime Armory

Head over to BOS Pinball Lounge to try to beat the high scores on a variety of Pinball machines from vintage to modern and other arcade games.

B.O.S. Pinball Lounge

Hydrate yourself inside Barnes & Noble at the B&N Café where you can get your favorite Starbucks drink and Cheesecake Factory goodies

Barnes & Noble

Make your way down to GameStop where you can find the newest collectibles, video games and comic books to satisfy your inner nerd. Don’t forget to open up Pokémon GO and Harry Potter:Wizards Unite so you can take advantage of Firewheel’s numerous in game locations!


Check in on the latest comic book releases with Keith's Comics. While you're there, check out the latest in collectibles, board games, and more!

Keith's Comics

Grab a snack at Popcorn Junction, where you can choose your perfect flavor of this famous crunchy treat. Choose from flavors like Salted Caramel, Coconut, Confetti, Cinnamon Sugar, Dill Pickle, and more!

Popcorn Junction

Referesh at ViVi Bubble Tea and try one of their specialty drinks, flavored teas, milk teas, fresh fruit, slushies, floats, and more! Grab a delicious drink while enjoying in house board games with friends.

ViVi Bubble Tea

Check out the latest in tabletop gaming with Warhammer. Use your imagination to create, customize, and paint your own figures.



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