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Cansu Art Gallery Del Amo Fashion Center®

Aloha From Cansu Art Gallery!

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our long-awaited Annual Studio Sale!

This year, we have four major offerings for you: 11-22-33-44

All sales will run from September 1 through September 30, 2021.

11% off ~ Choose Custom Size Art from Portfolio

If you are considering acquiring this unique art for your new home, your remodeling project or as a gift such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary or for the holidays, we invite you to visit us at the gallery or schedule a video call art consultation to view our broader portfolio.

Art per your size specification and other customization requests is expected to be ready for store pick up or delivery in 3-4 weeks following your purchase.


22% off ~ Select From Art On Display At The Gallery

If you feel you are ready to bring home the artwork(s) that resonated with you most when you visited our gallery, you are invited to visit us once more while our current inventory lasts.

All artwork on display is sold “as-is” and will be ready for store-pick up and delivery immediately after your purchase (naturally, once we pack it for you ??)


33% off ~ Commission Personally Aligned Custom Art

If you have always wanted to have a Sand Meditation™ Dynamic Art “Created In The Moment Just For You”, Cansu Bulgu has made available a limited number of appointments for this unique multi-dimensional experience and one-of-a-kind art creation following her signature process.

Artwork is expected to be ready 4-5 weeks following your Sand Meditation™ Session depending on availability.


44% ~ Large-scale Unique Interior Design and Architectural Installations

We work with the People, the Land, the Sand and the Elements and create harmonious elevated spaces that are both relaxing and energizing. We offer full support for interior designers and architects who would like to incorporate this unique work into their projects.



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