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Enjoy the ultimate staycation experience at Dadeland Mall! You don't have to go far or away to have a fun time with your kids. Here are some of our favorite ways to get everyone together.

Start The Fun Today!

Channel the spirit of Disney World (minus the 4-hour drive) and head over to the Disney Store to check out the day’s in-store activity station. Disney Store cast members create magical experiences with in-store arts & crafts, storytelling, and unique experiences which will delight kids of all ages.

Disney Store

Time to hit the LEGO store. Feel as if you have stepped right into Legoland and pick out the perfect LEGO set from the pick & build wall or ask the brick specialist for help choosing your next project!

LEGO Store

Check out the trendiest styles for the entire family at Zara. Try on some new outfits, and create your own personal family fashion show.


Experience the tradition and great tastes of the Japanese Countryside right here in Miami. A walk through the restaurant is like a stroll through a small Japanese village or Inaka. Enjoy a culinary adventure with the chefs at the teppanyaki tables - a savory spectacle for the whole family!

Aoki Teppanyaki


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