40 West Arts District

Colorado Mills & 40 West Arts District Partnership

Mall Management Office Colorado Mills®

Colorado Mills is proud to partner with the 40 West Arts District to bring the community unique art pieces created by local Artists!

Sculptures by Nestor Fedak:

  • Everbloom, a colorful 9’ tall flower sculpture made out of concrete and stucco located in Neighborhood 1.

Nestor Fedak is an abstract sculpture artist, he creates one of a kind pieces that hint at nature and challenge the viewer to think outside the box. His pieces have been inspired by the materials on hand and will dictate the final outcome of each piece.

Sculptures by Greg Wasil:

  • Rusty The Horse, a fun 7’ long horse sculpture made entirely out of repurposed horseshoes located in Neighborhood 5.
  • Ellie The Elephant, a sweet 15’ long elephant made out of sheet steel located in Neighborhood 3.
  • Reflectosaurus, a whimsical dinosaur inspired by Greg’s daughter and her favorite book “The Dinosaur Who Lived in my BackYard,” located in Neighborhood 3.

Greg's inspiration stems from his love for metal work, his father was a welder and jack of all trades which sparked his love for art and his unique flair. His sculptures grow bigger and more complex and are often inspired by the people around him. Visit his website justsomethingmetal.com.

Winter Bloom, A Mural by Julia Williams, aka The Designosaur

Located in a store front near entry 1, created by Julia Williams, a muralist, illustrator, designer, and Colorado Native. Winter Bloom is an invitation to explore the regal beauty of florals, and to get lost inside a larger-than-life view of their intricate patterns and delicate textures.


Bloom Exhibition

Entry 4.5 has been refreshed with the color and vibrancy of flowers. Step inside from the cold and experience a variety of new local art pieces. If you are interested in purchasing a piece please email info@40westarts.org with the artist & name of the piece .

Colorful Colorado, A Mural By Katy Casper

Painted on glass in Neighborhood 2, the mural depicts the four seasons with vibrant colors highlighting the Colorado landscape and seasonal activities. Katy is an artist, designer, and permaculturist from Denver, Colorado. The main purpose of her art is to create joy and vitality by reconnecting people with nature. Her mural was inspired by Colorado's beautiful and unique seasons.




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Entry 5 (Turn right as you enter the center. The office is located 5 stores down on your right side.)

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