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No School or Early Release Days

Lots of fun things to do when there is no school. Start here.

Start The Fun Today!

A beary special place where they can create their own stuffed animal from bears to kitties to bunnies and more! They can also personalize their animal with voices, outfits and more. Hey, did you know that Build-A-Bear Workshop also offers birthday parties?! Woo-hoo!

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Spill the beans and let the kids in on your plan for the day with some lattes and apple juice.

Caffe Nero

Add magic to the day! Celebrate the 'No School Day' in their Mickey Mouse Theater!

Disney Store, The

Brick by brick, together build a pirate ship, castle , superhero or anything you and your minis can dream up of.

LEGO Store

Unwind while the kids play on the structure play set and burn some energy off.

Play Area

Divide and conquer a pie while enjoying the taste of Northend pizza. There's also a children's menu available.

Regina Pizzeria


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