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Did you know the average American should get 10,000 steps a day? Grab the family and get some of your steps in at Bay Park Square! Each lap around the mall is 7/10 of a mile.

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Looking for a place to walk with other stroller moms during rainy days or cold months? Want a safe place to encourage fitness with your kids? Bay Park has you covered! Stop into the management office, sign up for the mall movers program, and grab your official walking map that lays out the official course to get those steps in!

Bay Park Square Mall Management Office

Need a new fitness tracker or heart rate monitor? Stop into AT&T to see what new offerings they have to keep you on track with your fitness goals!


Mid afternoon pick me up during the walk? Stop into Gloria Jeans for a coffee or other delicious caffeinated beverage, or non caffeinated of your choice!

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Need a break from walking or the kids need to release some energy and get their own heart rate up? Take a stop at the Prevea Children's Play Area where the kids can play, run around, and explore!

Prevea Children's Play Area

Those shoes may be made for walking, but how about some new fitness gear or play date outfits? Make sure to hit Old Navy for all your fitness fashion needs for the whole family!

Old Navy


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