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Girls' Day Out

Bonding with tweens and teens is easier than you think. Let us show you all the fun ways...

Start The Fun Today!

The ultimate place to eat, drink, play and watch sports, is the perfect ending to a perfect day out with the girls.

Dave & Buster's

If there's a better beauty accessory than a fresh mani & pedi, we can't think of it. With hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from, everyone's personality gets to shine.

Glamour Nails

Sweeten things up with some candy! Fill-your-own bags let your girl group customize their treat.


Kick off the day with some cool shoe shopping. Think sneakers, sandals, boots, accessories & more.

Journeys Kidz

Tweens and Teens alike can't get enough of the pretty chill vibe this store has to offer. And with lots of fun beauty and accessories items to pick from, size and age really just are numbers.



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