Let It Snow Cones

Let It Snow Cones serves up to 25 different flavors, as well as a variety of delicious combinations including Mango Tango, Summer Breeze, and Coffee & Crème.

We are located daily at Arizona Mills Mall, outside the Rain Forest Café entrance. We are a family owned and operated mobile Hawaiian Shaved Ice vendor serving the Phoenix area.

We love what we do and we try to make each event an experience with not only soft, smooth delicious shaved ice but we are known for our “let’s chill” Reggae, old school R&B and occasionally a top hit of today music.


Monday to Saturday 10AM–9PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–6PM  |  


12/16/2018: 11AM–8PM (Holiday Hours)
12/17/2018: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/18/2018: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/19/2018: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/20/2018: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/21/2018: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/22/2018: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/23/2018: 10AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/24/2018: 8AM–6PM (Christmas Eve)
12/25/2018: Closed (Christmas Day)
12/26/2018: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)