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Happy Birthday Party

Easy-peasy is the ultimate goal for any celebration. So leave the heavy lifting to these fun experts.

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When it comes to party food, you can't beat chicken nuggets and fries. Plus, kids meals come with a drink and a special surprise!


There's nothing like a mini shopping spree—especially when the helpful staff at Claire's helps you plan the perfect birthday party. Choose from a variety of birthday themes, and let the local team assist with everything from prizes and party items to goodie bags and gift cards. To book, call 540.665.0716.

Claire's Accessories

Before ending your day, celebrate together with a fruit smoothie from Fruiteria La Mangonada. Choose from all different flavors.

Fruiteria La Mangonada

Relax a little with a glam session at Apple Nails & Spa. Treat your party to manis and pedis with hundreds of different color options. To book, call 540.722.3669.

Apple Nails & Spa


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