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Celebrate Fall

Celebrate the Fall Season with family and friends at Apple Blossom Mall.

Start The Fun Today!

Start your trip off with lurch from Chick-fil-A. Treat the kids to nuggets, fries, and milk.


After lunch, visit Claire’s to check out all the fall and Halloween accessories and costumes. The kids can have fun trying on the accessories and getting ideas for their Halloween costume. While at Claire’s, have the kids look at Claire’s exclusive new Ty Halloween Beanies.

Claire's Accessories

It's never to early to start your kid's Christmas list. Visit Go! Calendars, Toys & Games to the let the kids browse around and see what they might want for Christmas. Kids will be able to look at a large variety of puzzles, dolls, board games and much more.

Go! Calendars, Toys & Games

Take a time out to let the kids play at the Play Area. This will allow them to burn off some energy.

Mall Management Office

After the kids have looked at all the toys, let them take a break and burn off some energy at the mall's Play Area. Kids can enjoy climbing, sliding, and playing with other kids.

Play Area

Stroll on down the mall to take a look through The Children's Place to shop for some new fall clothes. The Children's Place carries a wide variety of t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, and fleece

The Children's Place


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