We’re Yats. We’re a local New Orleans style joint. Born on 54th and College, also at Fishers, Greenwood, Mass Ave, Carmel, Traders Point and @ The Avenue downtown. You could say we’re in the people business and we serve pretty good food at an affordable price. We’re not real sophisticated, and often accused of being irreverent. Maybe so. But we care about our customers and we love our community. Yats is a place you can come hang out with your friends, your family, and other people you love. It’s our place and we want it to be your place too. Oh yea…we are now offering franchise rights to people that feel the same way we do. Let’s spread the love….. The customer orders at the counter from the chalkboard menu. The menu is rotating and this results in a variety of sauces and a rich diversity of flavor. These are soul satisfying dishes that reflect Joe’s New Orleans roots. Enticing sauces served over rice with toasted buttered bread. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.
Yats offers a daily menu of seven to ten dishes, which cost $6.25 for a regular, or $7.25 for a combination. There are no printed menus and no wait staff. Two prices not thirty. Easy…just the way we like it.

Yats Cajun Creole Website