Since it’s inception in 1830, Christofle has suffused each era with bold, new archetypes for fine living. Through technical and artistic innovation, Christofle has revolutionized all aspects of luxury silverware and the decorative arts. Collaborations with avant-garde architects like Gio Ponti, modernist silversmiths like Lino Sabattini, and today’s most refined designers such as Andrée Putman ensure that Christofle is in the vanguard of major design trends. Christofle is known throughout the world for its legendary flatware patterns, high-style decorative accessories, and notable commissions from historic figures. Christofle’s expertise extends beyond unparalleled tableware to striking gifts and exquisite jewelry, all of which possess a distinct character, yet remain elegantly timeless. The intrinsic spirit of Christofle silver shines through every piece, and each becomes the embodiment of everyday glamour.