The introduction of the Honey BBQ Baby Backs solidifies Applebee’s as a leader in providing a variety of great-tasting food choices for guests, said Kurt Hankins, Applebee’s senior vice president of Menu Development and Innovation. And it gives barbecue lovers even more to love at Applebee’s: The restaurant already offers several barbecue items on its menu, including its signature Riblets, Boneless Honey BBQ Wings, BBQ Brisket Cheddar Melt and Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

The world’s largest casual dining restaurant concept, Applebee’s, today announced that its new Weight Watchers, International, Inc. menu of 10 selections is now available in each of its nearly 1,600 restaurants nationwide. The Weight Watchers items include appetizers, entrees and desserts. Each selection lists calories, fat and fiber grams, and Weight Watchers®

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