Whitmans New York

Whitmans Restaurant serves burgers and seasonal fare with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. Opened by native New Yorkers, the concept was born by friends whose vision was to provide the neighborhood with delicious comfort food in a cozy, intimate setting. The main attraction, modeled after the Minneapolis-originated phenomenon, the “Juicy Lucy,” features two thin beef short rib blend patties pinched together encasing a scoop of pimento cheese, the result: a molten core of cheese oozing from the patty. Whitmans introduced their take on the cult burger in 2010 to rave reviews. In addition, Whitmans offers a vast array of specialty crafted burgers including The Hound, Spicy Patty, and The Mangold just to name a few. While we are known for our burgers, some of our other most popular items include our East Villi Cheesesteak, Veggie Burger, and Kale Salad.
Monday to Saturday 10AM–9PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–6:30PM  |  

11/25/2017: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
11/26/2017: 10AM–8PM (Holiday Hours)
11/27–12/02/2017: 10AM–9PM (Holiday Hours)
12/03/2017: 11AM–6:30PM (Holiday Hours)
12/04–12/09/2017: 10AM–9PM (Holiday Hours)

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