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  • New American Express / Simon Giftcard

Introducing the NEW American Express Simon Giftcard!!!

*Can be used anywhere American Express Cards are accepted in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

*$2.95 to purchase the American Express/Simon Giftcard. There are never any back-end fees

*Can be replaced if lost or stolen, without a fee.

*Loadable in amounts between $20 and $500

*Balance can be checked on line or via toll-gree phone number at no charge.

*Purchase history can be monitored on-line.

*Card can be used for online purchases, however, on-line registration is currently not available. The card can be registered by calling 1-800-331-5479.

*For gasoline purposes, we encourage you pay inside rather than at the pump.

Please read all rules and guidelines given with your new American Express Simon Giftcard.
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