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  • Call Security for immediate assistance any time.  Southdale Security is on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.If you need an escort to your vehicle, please call Security.

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Part-time Security Officer Opportunity

Southdale Security at Southdale Center®

Part-time Security Officer Opportunity

Part Time Security Officer Position at Southdale Center
Email resumes to David Moredock dmoredock@andrewsinternational.com

Required Skills:
1. Must be at least 18 years old.
3. High School Diploma or equivalent required.
4. Ability to provide excellent customer service. Customer service
experience, preferred.
5. Effective communicator (orally and written).
6. Flexibility to work beyond typical business hours, to include
periodic evening and weekend work.
7. Applicants must be able to pass a Criminal Background Investigation
and Drug Screening.
8. Able to drive a vehicle
9. Able to walk long distances
10. Computer Literate
Andrews International is an Affirmative Action/EE



Job Description: Andrews International (AI), headquartered in Los
Angeles, California is a full service provider of security and risk
mitigation services; and one of the five largest private security
service providers in the United States. The firms portfolio includes
uniformed security, consulting and investigations, personal
protection, special event security, training, alarm monitoring and
response, and disaster and emergency response services in all 50
states and internationally to a wide range of Fortune 500 Corporations.

Responsibilities include:

Conduct unarmed foot and/or vehicle patrol (interior and/or exterior)
of client site/property; control access; monitor CCTV and alarm
systems. Detect suspicious activities and watch for criminal acts or
client rule infractions at or near assigned post which may be a threat
to the property, client or employees at site. Respond in a timely
manner to all accidents and incidents including emergencies, fires,
alarms, bomb threats, and intrusions by following emergency response
proceedings in accordance with the Operating Procedure. Investigate
and write reports on all incidents and accidents. Seek opportunities
with customer and tenants and be friendly, helpful and attentive to
enhance their experience at the property. Report to work on time and
complete shift assignments (including overtime, if assigned) in
assigned complete clean uniform. Understand and successfully executes
his/her post orders including the enforcement of client rules and
regulations, as well as company policies. Perform additional
functions, duties and specific tasks of a similar nature and scope as
necessary in order to achieve assigned business objectives.

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