Lululemon Athletica

lululemon athletica is a yoga inspired athletic apparel company. We aim to create components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives. Founded in Kitsilano, Vancouver - one of the healthiest places in the world - the first lululemon store not only featured a design studio / retail store but also shared space with a then fledgling yoga studio. Authentic to its West Coast roots, lululemon continues to focus on a healthy, balanced fun-filled way of life. life is filled with runs at the beach, hiking, biking and a walk to work, a yoga class or a 15 - 30 minute coffee with your best mate.
Monday to Saturday 10AM–9:30PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–7PM  |  

11/23–11/24/2017: 6PM–1AM (Thanksgiving)
11/24/2017: 6AM–10PM (Black Friday)
11/25/2017: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/26/2017: 10AM–8PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/27/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/28/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/29/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/30/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/01/2017: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/02/2017: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/03/2017: 10AM–8PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/04/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/05/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/06/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/07/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)

Use Grand Entrance located near Bobby's Burger Palace


Located on the Upper Level between Macy*s and Hollister.