Jay Manuel Beauty

Jay Manuel, TV Host, Founder & CEO of Jay Manuel Beauty, has designed legendary looks for the most famous faces in the world. Now his passion and expertise are available at the Jay Manuel Beauty Experience at Roosevelt Field! The signature brand marries innovation and technology with Jay's Filter Finish Collection for the look of digitally-filtered perfection and flawlessly beautiful shades for every skin tone, skin type, age, and lifestyle. Jay Manuel Beauty offers a world-class experience with an interactive, high-tech, 360° studio environment and expert consultative services. Jay puts the power of your personal beauty journey back into your hands and invites you to self-source your style!
Monday to Saturday 10AM–9:30PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–7PM  |  

11/23–11/24/2017: 6PM–1AM (Thanksgiving)
11/24/2017: 6AM–10PM (Black Friday)
11/25/2017: 9AM–10PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/26/2017: 10AM–8PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/27/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/28/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/29/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
11/30/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/01/2017: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/02/2017: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/03/2017: 10AM–8PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/04/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/05/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)
12/06/2017: 10AM–9:30PM (Holiday Shopping)