Bonefish Grill

When you walk through our doors, you may notice the chef-coat service or wine display. But we've left the stuffiness and unpronounceable menu out. Our polished casual setting helps you relax and celebrate, even if the occasion you're celebrating is just dinner. In here, the specials don't stop at the food. Here, special is the feel of a big city bar that's not far from home. It's a wood-burning grill that swaps out boredom and routine for a dinner that opens your eyes. It's chef-coat service that's not about being stuffy, but all about knowing what you need. It's feeling good about the food, the people and the bill each time you walk through the door. Because at Bonefish Grill, special isn't something that comes around once a year. It's something you'll find here any night of the week. No matter what the reason is for your visit, we're ready to share the BFG experience with you. Visit Bonefish Grill tonight. Happiness Here®.
Monday 11AM–2PM  |  
& 4PM–10:30PM  |  
Tuesday 11AM–2PM  |  
& 4PM–10:30PM  |  
Wednesday 11AM–2PM  |  
& 4PM–10:30PM  |  
Thursday 11AM–2PM  |  
& 4PM–10:30PM  |  
Friday 11AM–2PM  |  
& 4PM–11:30PM  |  
Saturday 11AM–11:30PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–10PM  |  

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