Working together since 2006, Young & April share a passion for providing an uplifting positive atmosphere for the customers that graced Fiore’s doors. They loved creating a total shopping experience that calmed the senses- with their charming, almost intoxicating candles, and invigorate their minds with show stopping displays & oh-so-cute merchandise. Finding great items, or as they call it “treasure hunting,” became their favorite activity in part of creating a unique shopping environment. This eventually led to the beginnings of Fiore Boutique. Young and April could no longer ignore their adoration for charming, vintage, sweet & feminine jewelry. They wanted to do something…. and they did, Fiore Boutique was launched in May 2010. Vintage- a style that gets better as it gets older, Cupcake- cute, sweet, and irresistible, two words that accurately describe their driving inspiration for uniqueness.
Their main goal is to inspire beauty, charm & femininity in all that visit the Fiore Boutique store or website and love the treasures as much as they do.
Monday to Saturday 10AM–9PM  |  
Sunday 12PM–7PM  |  

11/23–11/24/2017: 6PM–1AM (Thanksgiving)
11/24/2017: 6AM–10PM (Black Friday)
11/25/2017: 8AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
11/26/2017: 11AM–7PM (Holiday Hours)
11/27–12/02/2017: 10AM–9PM (Holiday Hours)

Park and enter through Belk or through the Food Court


Upper Level, Next to Belk, Near Center Court